Monday, January 16, 2012

Pressurization in High Rise Buildings

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The following are a few good articles on building pressurization and stack effect issues in high rise buildings. Uncontrolled air infiltration is the driver of some of the most significant energy waste in tall buildings.  Both horizontal and vertical airflow networks, even ones that are entirely within the building envelope, promote pressure-induced air infiltration and IAQ issues.  Properly sealing and compartmentalizing a tall building can diminish this effect.  

Here is a sketch of some of the airflow networks:

These articles detail the problem, with some recommended fixes.  Like most issues, if care is taken at the design/construction phase, these issues can be made insignificant from the beginning.  High rise buildings have such complex "3-dimensional airflow networks" that it can be difficult to get control over.  If control can be gained, however, IAQ and energy benefits will follow.

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